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Organic arame is perhaps one of the most nutritious foods that nature can provide. The benefits of arame and organic arame are wide ranging. Arame comes mainly from the cold waters off the coast of South Korea, though sub species can be found in Alaska and California. The Koreans have been using organic arame in their diets for many years.

Arame is a brown marine algae rich in many types of marine minerals, including: iodine, zinc, manganese, vitamin K and folate. Normally, organic arame is sun dried for several days before packaging. Arame is harvested in the spring when ocean nutrient levels are at an annual maximum.

Benefits of arame range from wellness support, to a stronger immune system, to better hair, skin, and nails. Many of those who make organic arame part of their every diet also feel that it boosts libido for both men and women. Arame is also a good source of Lignans, which help fight cancer. Due to the many health benefits of Arame, it has been the focus of several anti-cancer and cancer prevention studies. Also, organic arame is one of the most expensive sea vegetables available.



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