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Most life began in the sea, so it is only natural that the human diet requires Powerful Ocean Nutrition™ to achieve optimal health. PotentSea® is the first line of supplements and topicals to use only ocean-derived raw materials. It is our goal, through the use of Powerful Ocean Nutrition™ to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals.

As our farm soil becomes depleted, only the ocean can provide the nutrients needed for longevity, wellness, youth and vitality. Several Asian cultures credit their long life spans and low disease rates to a diet rich in ocean nutrition.* Come along on a journey of discovery, a journey under the sea, a journey to better health — PotentSea® is Powerful Ocean Nutrition™

Following the guidelines below, we will bring our high quality products to you for years to come.

Helios Healthcare Consultants stands behind our products 100%. If you are not satisfied with a product you can call our office or mail in the unused portion for a full refund.*

  • Never obtain our products through over-fishing.
  • Use no chemicals in our products.
  • Adhere to fair labor practices from source to retail.
  • Demand that primary processing factories dispose of pollutants by environmentally correct means.
  • Demand that our sources abide by local fisheries and environmental laws.

Helios stands for quality, integrity, product efficacy and above all else, customer satisfaction.

  • UPS Shipping
  • We Ship International
  • No Tax or Shipping on Wholesale Orders
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Potentsea Privacy & policies

Helios Healthcare Consultants does not sell, lend or in any way share your date with anybody. Customer information is retained for purposes to facilitate and expedite follow up shipments and to offer occasions deals and discounts to our customers only.

Wholesale distributors: if a customer returns a product to you, please notify us on your next order and we will grant a credit (we reserve the right to request a photos of returned product).

Discount policy: No entity or person re-selling any PotentSea® brand product online may discount the face vale of the product below the SRP stated on the invoice

*30 day retail return policy

Mail unused portion with notice of reason fore return to the address above. Refund less S&H will be issued by check.

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