Frequently Asked Questions about Sea Vegetables

Q: Can I take Sea Vegetables while I am pregnant or breast feeding?

A: It is generally considered safe to do so, but it is best to check with your doctor.

Q: Should I take a vacation from the sea vegetables one in a while?

A: Yes, we recommend to stop taking the supplement for a week every six weeks. This prevents iodine build up in your system

Q: Can I take Sea Vegetables if I am allergic to shellfish or other seafood.

A: Yes, it is a marine plant with no animal proteins.

Q: Are the sea vegetables considered raw food?

A: Yes, they are sun dried only, never cooked or over heated.

Q: Do you test for heavy metals or pesticides?

A: Yes, our organic certification for the raw materials require stringent testing for heavy metal, pesticides and environmental contaminants.

Q: How do I order wholesale?

A: Call our office, we can provide a wholesale password for you.

Q: Do sea vegetables cause any anxiety or other side effects?

A: No, sea vegetables have no harmful side effects.

Q: How do I know if my pH is balanced?

A: You can buy inexpensive home testing kits. It is helpful to test your pH on a weekly basis. This way you can adjust your dosage to reach best pH for your body.

Q: Why is the USDA Certified Organic seal not on the bottle?

A: Because the vegetable capsules are not organic, just the sea vegetables themselves. Currently nobody produces an organic vegetable capsule making it impossible to certify the finished product as USDA organic.

Q: Will Sea Vegetables boost my immunity

A: We have many reports of people maintaining a high degree of wellness over long periods of time from taking sea vegetables daily.

Q: "What do I do if Sea Vegetables give me repeat (burping?)

A: Keep taking them and the repeat should go away in a few days. Your body will adjust to the rich anti-oxidants in the sea vegetables.

Q:Can I take the Sea Vegetables with my current medication?

A: It is generally safe to do so unless you are taking iodine rich medications, especially for thyroid. Always check with your doctor before adding supplements to your diet

Frequently Asked Questions about Marine Aminos

Q: Is Marine Aminos from the meat of the mollusk?

A: Yes it is derived from a byproduct of the food and seashell shell industry – we are making of a protein rich material that would otherwise go to waste — very green.

Q: Can I take Marine Aminos if I am allergic to shellfish?

A: Generally yes as it comes from mollusks such as conch or whelk and not shellfish such as shrimp crab or lobster.

Q: Can I take Marine Aminos if I am pregnant or want to become pregnant?

A: Although Marine Aminos is simply super condensed protein and should pose no harm to a fetus, it is best to consult with your health care provider on this subject before taking the product.

Q: What if Marine Aminos causes anxiety or insomnia?

A: This could mean that you need to reduce your dose, that you are taking it too late in the day or potentially have a sensitivity to iodine.

Q: Can I combine Marine Aminos and Sea Vegetables?

A: Yes, but best to adjust your dose to best suite your needs.

Q: Is Marine Aminos a sex booster?

A: To achieve increases sexual desire, satisfaction and function for both men and women- take 2-3 capsules daily (best if before workout) this will increase your baseline sexual desire — then take another 2-3 capsules 20 minutes prior to sexual activity and away you go!

Q: Can I take Marine Aminos if I already take a multivitamin?

A: Many people find they can stop taking isolated vitamins when taking PotentSea products but you can combine if desired. If you get the jitters of upset stomach cease use of multivitamin.

Q: Can I take Marine Aminos with medication?

A: Marine Aminos is a whole foods and is usually safe to combine with other health products but for medical questions consult health care provider.

Q: Why is there limited science and information available about Marine Aminos?

A: Because, although it has been used in seaside cultured for generations, it is new to western science — there is still much learning and study to be done as to the actual method of action and defining potentially new aminos acids present on the source materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sockeye Omegas

Q: Is Sockeye Omegas tested for heavy metals such ad lead and mercury?

A: YES and our product is 100% free of heavy metals.

Q: Is Sockeye Omegas OK to take if pregnant?

A: Although we have many customers who have, it is best to check with your health care provider

Q: Are Sockeye Omegas good for anything other than heart, mood and joints?

A: Many customers take it for improved cognition, skin, hair and nails.

Q: Why is taking the omega oil from the Sockeye heads better than from the body?

A: Fat accumulates toxins and by taking the oil from the head we can assure the customer that the product is toxin free.

Q: Can I take Sockeye Omegas if I am a vegetarian?

A: If you normally eat fish, then yes. Our gelatin is fish based so there are no cow or pig products in our Sockeye Omegas.

Q: Is there an upper safe limit of how much I can take?

A: We recommend that you stay within the recommended dosage, however for improved mood often an increased dose of 4-5 gel caps daily may have beneficial effects.

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