Fish Reef Project


Fish Reef Project “Helping Ocean Life Thrive”

PotentSea® is Partners with the Sea

The Fish Reef project is the next great ocean environmental project. Founded by Gold Leaf Sustainable as a non-profit, the Fish Reef Project will turn empty sea floor into thriving marine ecosystems which will be home, breeding, and feeding grounds to millions of marine mammals, sea birds, turtles, fish, lobster, abalone, scallops, sea vegetables and much more.

PotentSea supports the fish reef project through donations of funding, staff and equipment. As partners with the sea we are dedicated to giving back more than we take.

Good fishing!

Artificial Reef zone is designed and Implemented

The images show how an artificial reef zone is designed and implemented. Our goal is make a five acre fish reef every year all up and down the West Coast. Benefits include: Reduces overfishing, removes carbon from air and lowers acid in the ocean, helps reverse pollution damage while restoring natural reefs, creates entire new marine ecosystems, provides fishing, study and eco-tourism opportunity.

As an early morning surfer, I don’t like to eat a big breakfast before I go surfing. So, I down a pint of water with a Marine amino or two depending on how I’m feeling and hit the road with my coffee and fruit. I’ve noticed I last way longer in the water when I take the Marine Amino’s in my morning.


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