Why Marine Aminos are the Best

Here at PotentSea we have had the pleasure of discovering the highly unique raw material and refinement process used to create PotentSea® Marine Aminos.

For years, we traveled the globe as an agent for our East Indian trading partners in Tamil Nadu India. Our job was to locate and export a sacred seashell, the left handed whelk shell. Nearly all of the seashells in the world, when you lay them on their backs have the aperture on the right side. There are some however, that open to the left.

Historically the East Indians would harvest the Chankus shell found off Sri Lanka. Only one in a million Chankus shells has the genetic anomaly to make it left handed. Such a shell is worth more than $10,000 a piece. The shells have been used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies for 2000 years or more. It is said, that when the left handed Chankus adorns your altar you will have prosperity, health and happiness.

We managed to find a species of whelk in Mexico that were abundant and naturally 100% left handed. This had the benefit of bringing the sacred left handed shell to the masses in India and helping low income seaside communities in Mexico. The Mexicans had harvested the whelk sustainably for years as a domestic food source. We helped them market the shells to India and it was a match made in heaven.

The Mexican harvesters of the whelk were mainly of Mayan decent. Over time we learned from the elders about the medicinal qualities of various parts of the meat from the whelk. They would tell us that it had magical healing powers and it was even part of their ancient healing practices from the days of the Mayan. One of the elders in a remote part of the Yucatan named Pastor told us that a nutrient rich part of the meat, when refined, had the power to heal most any illness. He said it had “fuerza de vida” or life force and that it could make one look and feel ten years younger, it could help those with illness and give athletes energy to go all day.

We subsequently traveled to remote parts of Vietnam, Indonesia, West and East Africa, Panama, Ecuador, Haiti and back to Mexico. We were utterly in shock that in each remote fishing village that we collected seashells from, the fishermen, mostly indigenous in descent used the same part of the meat of similar seashells and for the same reasons. The villagers and fishermen all reported that the substance promotes:

  • Weight control – maintain a healthy weight*
  • Anti aging – more youthful hair, skin and nails *
  • Enhanced ability to exercise and be fit resulting in a much better physique*
  • Wellness and Stamina*

He said that in pre-Colombian days young men would take it when they had to run 20 miles or more between villages. But he smiled when saying that it gave both men and women more “fuego en el sangre”. He was basically saying that it was a true libido enhancer for men and women, he repeated himself several times while his wife blushed. Pastor made a point of telling me that when you rub the material on a wound it heals cuts and bruises very fast. He said the substance even helps him think more clearly. Pastor was frugal with his secrets, never showing us the exact extraction process. We were skeptical of his claims anyhow.

A year later the East Indians sent us to Jamaica to try and source more whelk and conch shells. On arrival we learned that my trading partner in Kingston had been flown to Miami to be treated for gunshot wounds inflicted by conch poachers he had reported. We spent the remainder of our time hanging out on the beach with the Rastafarians. We told them of the secrets which Pastor alluded to. One vocal Rastafarian man named Snapper, who was 102 and going strong, told us that he knew the secret and that his family too had used the meat of the conch and whelk for their life promoting and virility powers. “I have ten kids and this is why!” Snapper said to us as he showed us the seven step process to refine, extract and purify the meat.
These were disparate communities, not in communication with each other. They independently drew the same conclusions over millennia. In essence it was the world’s best clinical trial. We soon returned back to our home in the US, retained the best labs and chemists to help us create a commercially viable form of the material.

After three years of testing and trials, through a seven step proprietary process we ended up with a substance much like the one Snapper had made for us in Jamaica, but ours was more pure, free from pathogens, heavy metals or pesticides and uniform in consistency; Introducing…PotentSea® Marine Aminos.

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