Ocean Nutrition Sustenance From the Sea

potentSea® Organic Sea Vegetables naturally contain nutrients such as iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron that are proven to help promote health, wellness and longevity. The rich amount of organic iodine and trace minerals also work to promote a healthy thyroid. The formula contains red, brown and green marine algae sustainably hand-harvested and sun-dried. Each April, the Gulf Stream upwells deep nutrient-rich waters to the north Atlantic near Maine, the Bay of Fundy and Iceland. The clean water then infuses the young sea vegetables with up to 80 trace minerals and amino acids.
Extracted from the meat of sustainably fished marine mollusks, PotentSea Marine Aminos (registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) are among the most condensed and purest proteins on earth. For centuries, traditional seaside cultures have used the source material of Marine Aminos to boost libido, increase energy and endurance, improve muscle tone, speed recovery, and improve mental focus while promoting youthful hair, skin and nails. The whole food amino acids in the product help fight adrenal gland burnout, boost your workouts by 50 percent and help you to feel and look years younger. For best results, take Marine Aminos in combination with PotentSea Sea Vegetables.

Without Ocean Nutrition
We are only half alive.

PotentSea Wild Alaskan Sockeye Omegas Fish Oil is sustainably harvested from the pristine glacier-melt bays of southeast Alaska. There are also no antibiotics or coloring agents in the oil because they are wild, not farm raised. The oil is naturally bright orange due to the high level of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. Rich in hearthealthy essential fatty acids, wild-harvest sockeye salmon oil is great for maintaining healthy cardiovascular function, improved mood and joint support. Many fish oils are nutritionally poor and cause gas and burping. Normal fish and salmon oil is basically cooked out of the fish—this can bend the proteins and make them much more difficult for the body to absorb. But this product is pressed at cool temperatures, which creates an oil that is easy on your digestive system.

PotentSea ocean nutrition formulas are available at health food stores nationwide.
Visit www.potentsea.com or call 800-541-7789 to find a store near you.

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