Better Than Rhino Horn Introducing Marine Aminos

A recently discovered sustainable ocean food source might be the answer to saving the world’s rhino population

Rhino horns have been prized for centuries for their beautiful translucent color when carved and their supposed healing properties. Far more pervasive, however, is their use in the traditional medicine systems of many Asian countries, from Malaysia and South Korea to India and China, to cure a variety of ailments. Yet because of this demand, all five of the world’s diverse species of rhinoceros have been brought to the edge of extinction. Conspicuous consumption from a growing middle class in Vietnam is driving the catastrophic poaching of rhino horns in South Africa, conservationists have warned.

Now there is an ecologically safe and medicinally equivalent substitute for rhino horn that could save this endangered species from global extinction.

Marine Aminos™ are a genuine new discovery recently registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a new ingredient. Extracted from the meat of sustainably fished marine mollusks such as whelk, conchs and murex,Marine Aminos are among the most condensed and purest forms of proteins on Earth.Marine Aminos are an eco-friendly replacement for rhino horn. Both rhino horn andMarine Aminos are comprised mostly of a very soluble, body-friendly form of keratin, calcium, phosphorous and other basic elements that have very powerful positive effects on the human body. For centuries, traditional seaside cultures have used the source material ofMarine Aminos to boost libido (sexual function, desire and satisfaction for men and women), increase energy and endurance, improve muscle tone, speed recovery and improve mental focus while promoting youthful hair, skin and nails.

We have PotentSea® and Gold Leaf Sustainable, to thank for this discovery. For years, we traveled the globe as an agent for East Indian trading partners in Tamil Nadu, India. “Our job was to locate and export a sacred seashell, the left-handed whelk shell. Nearly all of the seashells in the world, when you lay them on their backs, have the aperture on the right side. There are some, however, that open to the left.”

We managed to find a species of whelk in Mexico that was abundant and naturally 100 percent left-handed. The Mexicans had harvested the whelk sustainably for years as a domestic food source. We helped them market the shells to India — a match made in heaven.

We subsequently traveled to remote parts of Vietnam, Indonesia, West and East Africa, Panama, Ecuador, Haiti and back to Mexico. The villagers and fishermen all reported that the meat from the whelk promoted amazing health benefits, much like the Mayan descendents noted, including:

  • Weight control.
  • Anti-aging, including youthful hair, skin and nails.
  • Improved sexual desire and function.
  • Enhanced ability to exercise and endurance, resulting in a better physique as well as wellness and stamina.

The Mexican harvesters of the whelk were mainly of Mayan decent. “Over time, we learned from the elders about the medicinal qualities of various parts of the meat from the whelk,” he says. “One of the elders in a remote part of the Yucatán named Pastor told us that a nutrient rich part of the meat, when refined, had the power to heal most any illness. He said it had ‘fuerza de vida,’ or life force, and that it could make one look and feel 10 years younger; help those with illness; and give athletes energy to go all day. But he smiled when saying that it gave both men and women more ‘fuego en el sangre.’ He was basically saying that it was a true libido enhancer for men and women. Pastor made a point of telling us that when you rub the material on a wound, it heals cuts and bruises very fast. He said the substance even helps him think more clearly.”

We soon returned back home in the United States and retained the best labs and chemists to help us create a commercially viable form of the material. After three years of testing and trials, through a seven-step proprietary process, PotentSea® ended up with a substance much like the one used by the Mayans and other traditional cultures but purer, free from pathogens, heavy metals or pesticides, and uniform in consistency — introducing PotentSea® Marine Aminos.

If you’re seeking greater endurance, healthier skin, hair and nails, help for fatigue and adrenal burnout, or simply want to adopt the best longevity and health supplementation program, Marine Aminos should be part of your ocean nutrition strategy.
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