The Benefits of a Better Night’s Sleep

The Benefits of a Better Night’s Sleep

There’s no question that your body functions better when you get enough quality sleep. What you may not realize is that, by not getting enough sleep, you may be impeding your health and wellbeing more so than simply being tired. Scientific studies have found that during sleep, your body is far from inactive, and it may be the most important state of consciousness for staying healthy. Here are just four reasons why you need to get a better night’s sleep with the help of Potent Sea!

Sleep Reduces Stress

One of the most prescribed medications in America is anti-anxiety and depression medication, so it’s safe to say that stress is a factor in many people’s lives. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it actually begins to produce stress hormones, further compounding anxiety that may already exist. Sleep helps both your mind and body relax and recover, which is important for reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Sleep Can Reduce Inflammation

Did you know that when you’re asleep, your body is more easily able to regulate your immune system? If you don’t get enough sleep, it’s not uncommon to begin suffering from inflammation. If this state of inflammation is consistent, it can become chronic inflammation, which in turn can put your body at greater risk of developing ulcers, dementia, and some forms of heart disease. Even if you don’t notice obvious inflammation, it can still be affecting your body in ways you can’t see.

Sleep Improves Your Memory

When your body is sleeping, your brain undergoes an important process called memory consolidation. This natural brain function is vital to creating and retaining memories. While your body may be asleep, your brain is abuzz with activity processing the information gathered during the day, creating new connections, and establishing memory. Deep sleep is particularly important for the healthy development of memories, which is all the more reason to ensure you’re getting enough quality sleep.

Sleep Helps Your Body Heal Itself

As your body relaxes during quality sleep, it is also hard at work repairing itself from the damage that may have occurred from sources like stress, UV light, and other elements of exposure. There are certain protein cells that your body is able to produce more easily while you are asleep that help to facilitate the healing process. These proteins help your cells repair themselves, keeping your body healthy and vibrant.

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