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Natural Health Supplement – PotentSea® Marine Aminos

Natural Health Supplement – PotentSea® Marine Aminos

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Marine Aminos® are a genuine new discovery that has recently been registered with the FDA as a new ingredient. Extracted from the meat of sustainable fished marine mollusks such as whelk, conchs and murex, Marine Aminos® are among the most condensed and purest form of proteins on earth. For centuries traditional seaside cultures have used the source material of Marine Aminos® to: boost libido* (sexual function, desire and satisfaction for men and women), increase energy*, endurance*, improve muscle tone*, speed recovery* and improve mental focus* while promoting youthful hair*, skin* and nails*.

PotentSea® Marine Aminos® are 100% natural, no binders, preservatives, exipients etc. All amino acids, vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring.

PotentSea® Marine Aminos® have recently been registered with the FDA as a new ingredient for dietary supplements. The whole food amino acids in our product helps fight adrenal gland, burnout, boosts your workouts by 50% and helps you to feel and look years younger*. For best results take Marine Aminos® in combination with PotentSea® Sea Vegetables.

Marine Aminos® is an eco-friendly replacement for rhino horn. Used for centuries as a powerful libido booster, anti-inflammatory and wellness promoter, rhino horn is sadly the cause of species depletion. Both rhino horn and Marine Aminos® are comprised mostly of keratin and other basic elements that have very powerful positive effects on the human body.

PotentSea® Marine Aminos® has been part of my nutritional program in preparation for upcoming fights. It has allowed me to recover from hard daily workouts required of a competitive boxer. As a result, I come back the next day stronger, fresh and ready to put in another day of hard work.

  • Fight Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal burnout and Epstein Barr*
  • Amazing Endurance*
  • Reduces Lactic Acid Burn for Faster Workout Recovery*
  • Builds Muscle Tone*
  • Libido Booster for Men & women*
  • Builds Youthful Hair, Skin & Nails*

Natural, Organic Source of Amino Acids and Essential Minerals

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